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Our specialty is arts marketing and building alliances with the private sector. We approach each client from a curated point of view.  Individualized. Out of the box. Tailored.

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Who We Are 

We are arts marketing impresarios. Sherry Sklar and her associates have been responsible for devising and implementing major fundraising and marketing campaigns for sold-out museum exhibitions, building numerous websites and digital platforms for arts agencies, achieving box office-breaking performing arts seasons, red carpet events, and producing editorial copy and photo shoots for national magazines. We believe that some are born to perform on the stage, and others excel behind the scenes. Plumb Line Designs gains the greatest satisfaction helping clients take center stage and shine.  The creative realm is where we operate and we want to be your producing partner every step of the way--from the first round to rave reviews.  

We help the creative class win most likely to succeed

Plumb Line Designs Arts Marketing

Brand Strategy MANAGEMENT.

Brilliant Solutions

We listen to your needs, come up with a plan and measure its effectiveness. Unique, smart solutions and end-to-end strategy to build your brand.

Our Client Strategy

We help our clients achieve and retain the greatest possible success by offering unifed strategies and step-by-step implementation.

An Art-centric Consulta‚Äčncy Firm

Creativity Expected

We think, breathe and live creativity. It is what ignites our thinking, and what we deliver consistently for our clients.